Veiled Statues

Veiled Statues

This Sunday marks the final two weeks of Lent, which the Church calls Passiontide. During the season of Lent, the Church requests that we “do with less.” Churches are not ornamented with flowers. Music is to be a bit more subdued. In the Mass we do not say the Gloria nor do we say “alleluia.” During Passiontide, we begin our immediate preparation for Easter by doing with even less. Today, the statues are draped in purple veils. Even the statue of the Sacred Heart is veiled during Passiontide. Only the crucifix remains unveiled. During the Triduum, which consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, we lose even more. After the Mass of the Lord’s supper in the evening of Holy Thursday, the altar is stripped of its clothes and left bare until the Easter Vigil. On Good Friday there is no Mass, only the liturgy of the Lord’s Passion. Holy Saturday is even more subdued with no liturgy until the Vigil after nightfall. Even the Easter Vigil itself begins in darkness until the lighting of the Easter fire.


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